Lab 5 - Using Advanced Queries

Lab Goal

This lab takes you deeper into PromQL expanding your query toolbox with more advanced queries for visualizing collected metrics data.

Advanced PromQL - A quick review

Looking back briefly, you've got an understanding of how to build and execute basic PromQL queries. You've done this using the default Prometheus console expression browser and graphs. For this lab you'll be diving deeper into PromQL and to broaden your knowledge of the tooling available, you'll install, configure, and query using an open source query tool called PromLens. This is one of the best assistants you can find to help you build and understand what your are querying while seeing the results directly.

On the next slide you'll see an example of PromLens in action connected to your Prometheus instance and querying metrics data.

Advanced PromQL - PromLens in action


Advanced PromQL - Options for installing PromLens

PromLens is a web-based PromQL query builder, analyzer, and visualizer. PromLens was initially created as a commercial offering by PromLabs, later in 2022 donated to the open source Prometheus project by PromLabs and Chronosphere. There are several ways to install PromLens locally, so please click on the option you want to use to continue with this workshop: