Getting started with Prometheus

This workshop will guide you through a basic installation of Prometheus and your first initial metrics collection.
Prerequisites: Podman Desktop v4.3+
Notes: workshop based on Prometheus v2.42.0 and tested with Mac OS X (Linux or Windows might require some modifications of the workshop instructions)
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Lab 1 - Introduction to Prometheus

Lab goals: This lab introduces you to the Prometheus project and provides you with an understanding of its role in the cloud native observability community.
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Lab 2 - Installing Prometheus

Lab goals: This lab walks you through the steps for installing Prometheus on your local machine.
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Lab 3 - Introduction to the Query Language

Lab goals: This lab introduces the Prometheus Query Language (PromQL) giving you an introduction and sets up a demo project to provide more realistic data for querying.
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Lab 4 - Exploring Basic Queries

Lab goals: This lab dives into using PromQL to explore basic querying so that you can use it to visualize collected metrics data.
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Lab 5 - Using Advanced Queries

Lab goals: This lab takes you deeper into PromQL expanding your query toolbox with more advanced queries for visualizing collected metrics data.
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Lab 6 - Relabeling Metrics in Prometheus

Lab goals: The lab teaches you how relabeling metrics work in Prometheus and how to apply them when mapping, aggregating, dropping, or filtering scraped metrics.
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Getting Started with Open Visualization

Goals: This is a standalone workshop focused on gaining an understanding of what the basic components are to building dashboards with the Perses project, installing Perses, exploring its tooling, and building your first dashboard.
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Lab 8 - Discovering Service Targets

Lab goals: This lab ensures you understand how service discovery is used in Prometheus for locating and scraping targets for metrics collection. You'll also set up a service discovery mechanism to start scraping metrics from a service.
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Lab 9 - Instrumenting Applications

Lab goals: This lab introduces client libraries and shows you how to use them to add Prometheus metrics to applications and services. You'll get hands-on and instrument a sample application to start collecting metrics.
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Lab 10 - Prometheus and Kubernetes

Lab goals: This lab shows you how to install, configure, and start collecting basic metrics from a Kubernetes (k8s) cluster with Prometheus.
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Conclusion - Metrics Monitoring at Scale

Lab goals: This lab helps you understand some of the pain points with Prometheus that arise as you start to scale out your observability architecture and start caring more about reliability.
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The End

This completes the workshop, thanks for your time and feedback is always welcome!
Eric D. Schabell
Director Evangelism
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