Getting started with Prometheus

This workshop will guide you through a basic installation of Prometheus and your first initial metrics collection.
Needed for container install: Podman or Docker
Based on Prometheus v2.52.0
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Some workshop guidelines

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Lab 1 - Introduction to Prometheus

Lab goals: This lab introduces you to the Prometheus project and provides you with an understanding of its role in the cloud native observability community.
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Lab 2 - Installing Prometheus

Lab goals: This lab walks you through the steps for installing Prometheus on your local machine.
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Lab 3 - Introduction to the Query Language

Lab goals: This lab introduces the Prometheus Query Language (PromQL) giving you an introduction and sets up a demo project to provide more realistic data for querying.
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Lab 4 - Exploring Basic Queries

Lab goals: This lab dives into using PromQL to explore basic querying so that you can use it to visualize collected metrics data.
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Lab 5 - Using Advanced Queries

Lab goals: This lab takes you deeper into PromQL expanding your query toolbox with more advanced queries for visualizing collected metrics data.
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Lab 6 - Relabeling Metrics in Prometheus

Lab goals: The lab teaches you how relabeling metrics work in Prometheus and how to apply them when mapping, aggregating, dropping, or filtering scraped metrics.
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Lab 7 - Discovering Service Targets

Lab goals: This lab provides an understanding of how service discovery is used in Prometheus for locating and scraping targets for metrics collection. You're learning by setting up a service discovery mechanism to dynamically maintain a list of scraping targets.
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Lab 8 - Instrumenting Applications

Lab goals: This lab introduces client libraries and shows you how to use them to add Prometheus metrics to applications and services. You'll get hands-on and instrument a sample application to start collecting metrics.
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Conclusion - Metrics Monitoring at Scale

Lab goals: This lab helps you understand some of the pain points with Prometheus that arise as you start to scale out your observability architecture and start caring more about reliability.
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Bonus workshop:

Getting Started with Open Visualization

Goals: A standalone workshop providing an understanding of what basic components are required for dashboards with the Perses project, installing the project, exploring its tooling, and building your first dashboard.
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The End

This completes the standalone workshop. If interested in more cloud native observability workshops, then head back to choose your next workshop adventure.

Thanks for your time and feedback is always welcome!
Eric D. Schabell
Director Evangelism
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