Lab 1 - Introduction to Perses

Lab Goal

To gain an understanding of the Perses project.

Under the CoreDash umbrella

CoreDash is a centralized effort to define a standard for visualization and dashboards. It's designed as an umbrella project owned by the Linux Foundation to host sub-project efforts like Perses. For more information on the CoreDash project:

What is the Perses project?

Perses is an exploration into finding an open source standard for visualization and dashboards for metrics monitoring. Also part of the Linux Foundation with plans to promote to Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Some links to explore:

Perses project goals (1/2)

  1. Become an open standard dashboard visualization tool
    • Have well defined dashboard definition model
    • Statically validated dashboards with CLI and CUE schemas
    • GitOps compatible for dashboard-as-code workflows
    • Perses runs locally, edit dashboard JSON file in Git
  2. Provide embeddable charts and dashboards in any user interface
    • Provide different NPM packages
    • Example usage could be to improve graph display in Prometheus (or embed)

Perses project goals (2/2)

  1. Target Kubernetes (k8s) native mode
    • dashboard defs deployed into & read from app namespaces (CRDs)
  2. Provide complete static validation for CI/CD pipelines
    • Provide command line client: percli
  3. Architecture supporting future plugins

Chat with Perses project team?

On Matrix channel: #perses-dev

Lab completed - Results

We gained a basic understanding of the Perses project.

Next up, installing Perses project on your machine...

Contact - are there any questions?

Eric D. Schabell
Director Evangelism
Contact: @ericschabell { or

Up next in workshop...

Lab 2 - Installing Perses